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2021 Wedding Trends We Love


The past year has been whirlwind and as a result wedding trends have changed. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite 2021 trends that we think will be here to stay:


  1. Shopping Local

There has been a massive strain on the UK economy in recent times, particularly affecting small businesses. Couples are understanding of this and are making it a priority to support local businesses during their wedding celebrations. This is a trend that will always be in fashion as small businesses help make your day that bit more special with their genuine willingness to help make everything perfect!


  1. Outdoor Celebrations

Due to changing government restrictions outdoor events have become a somewhat safer way to conduct large events. Not only are outdoor celebrations safer, but they can also be something unique and with the stunning grounds here at Dalmeny Park your guests are sure to be in awe of their surroundings if you opt for an outdoor ceremony.


  1. Standout Floral Installations

More is definitely more when it comes to florals in 2021. Large floral installations will be central to venue décor with lavish, full designs being dominant features within ceremony and reception décor. We all know how popular pampas and dried flowers have been in the past year and wedding florals are also no exception to this stunning trend, nobody does this better than our fav florist company iAM flowers!


  1. Sustainability

Weddings can involve high volumes of waste and now more than ever, couples are trying to minimise this throughout their celebrations. Couples can do this by renting items wherever possible, opting for dried/artificial florals that can be reused and reducing any single use products as much as possible. This is definitely


  1. Wedding Games!

With the dancefloor being a limited place at the moment due to ongoing restrictions, couples are entertaining their guests in other fun ways. Light-hearted games like the traditional “mr and mrs” are becoming a popular way to keep the atmosphere high at receptions as well as more speeches and other seated entertainment.


We can’t wait for more stunning weddings here at Dalmeny Park Hotel.

REMEMBER If you are still at the early stages of planning your dream day, you can book your free wedding showround with us where our dedicated wedding team will get the ball rolling to making your wedding dreams a reality!